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How to get to the restaurant

You can get to the Don Juan Restaur­ant is via Port Debilly, on the Right Bank, oppos­ite the Eiffel Tower.
Board­ing takes place from 7.45 pm until no later than 8.15 pm. A free private park­ing is avail­able in front of the Don Juan II (Port Debilly).
If the latter is full, paid park­ing lots and a taxi drop-off are avail­able and nearby.

Duration of the cruise

The cruise takes place from 8.15 pm until 10.30 pm every even­ing, but the dura­tion may vary slightly depend­ing on weather condi­tions. At the end of your meal, the Don Juan II returns to dock at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. You can then enjoy its Terrace and see the Tower lit-up whilst you savor a flute of Cham­pagne.
We kindly ask all passen­gers to arrive on time for board­ing. The boat leaves the dock at 8.15 pm precisely.

Dress code

We ask diners to dress smartly, but ties and jack­ets are not required. T-shirts, shorts and other sports attire are not accep­ted.

Information about the Don Juan II

Anim­als are not accep­ted on-board, with the excep­tion of service anim­als to assist people with a recog­nized disab­il­ity.

For your children

We do not have any chil­dren’s chairs or baby seats. We do not have a chil­dren’s menu.

Special dietary requirements

For people with aller­gies or diet­ary restric­tions. To ensure that we can meet your require­ments, please tell us what your restric­tions are no later than 48 hours before the date of your book­ing by call­ing us on +33 (0)1 44 54 14 71.

Would you like to organize a surprise for a birthday or a special occasion?

If you have any special requests, please call us no later than 48 hours before the date of your book­ing by call­ing us on +33 (0)1 44 54 14 71.

How can I book a table on the Don Juan II?

You can book and pay for your table directly on the website or by email reser­va­ from Mondays to Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and on Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The reser­va­tions hotline can be reached from Tues­days to Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. on +33 1 83 77 44 40.

Which means of payment are accepted on the Don Juan II?

You can pay by bank card on the website by enter­ing the number, expiry date and the secur­ity code of your bank card.
Remote payment by bank card is highly secure with the SSL protocol and carried out by a special­ist body through a secure online trans­ac­tion.

Which bank card information must I enter?

When you finish making your book­ing you will be taken to a form where you must enter the inform­a­tion from your bank card. You need to provide the follow­ing inform­a­tion: the full card number, the expiry date (the expiry date must not be earlier than the date of your book­ing; if your card is due to expire before the date of the book­ing, the advance author­iz­a­tion will be refused), the secur­ity code (the last 3 figures on the back of your card), as well as the full name of the card holder.
If you would like to add any options, please call us no later than 48 hours before the date of your book­ing on +33 (0)1 44 54 14 71. These options will be paid for at the venue.

Can I book a table without using a credit card?

Unfor­tu­nately, that is not possible.

Information about bookings

For any book­ing for more than 8 people, please write us at the email address reser­­va­­ or use the contact form.

What do you offer during the holidays?

The restaur­ant offers you a special menu on certain dates such as Decem­ber 31 or July 14—Bastille Day. 
Book­ings are essen­tial and the menus are avail­able online.

Can I privatize the restaurant?

It is possible to privat­ize all the restaur­ant under certain condi­tions and subject to avail­ab­il­ity. Please contact us via our contact form for more inform­a­tion.