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An excep­tional cruise on a unique yacht. The Don Juan II trans­ports you into a world of eleg­ance as you wend your way up the Seine.


Embark at the foot of the Eiffel Tower

Your cruise begins in the heart of Paris, in the Port of Debilly where the Don Juan is moored, on the Right Bank, oppos­ite the Eiffel Tower.

A singular restaurant as a backdrop

The Don Juan II trans­ports you into a world of eleg­ance as you wend your way up the river. Its gentle and intim­ate setting is ideal for host­ing private or busi­ness dinner cruises. The wooden panel­ing, the copper, the cozy furniture and the fire in the fire­place all play their part in creat­ing an exquis­ite moment.

An exceptional cruise

Admire the treas­ures of Paris on this exclus­ive trip that will thrill your eyes and your taste buds. Enjoy an intense break from every­day life in an idyllic and unique setting on the water.


The vibrant spectacle of Paris by night

At the end of your meal, the Don Juan II returns to dock at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. You can then enjoy its Terrace and see the Tower lit-up whilst you savor a flute of Cham­pagne in a relaxed atmo­sphere.  

Frédéric Anton’s cuisine

The Don Juan II serves as a canvas for the culin­ary creations of Frédéric Anton. His stun­ning dishes embody a harmony of aesthet­ics and flavor to offer you an unfor­get­table and surpris­ing gast­ro­nomic exper­i­ence.