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Frédéric Anton on the Don Juan II. I star MICHELIN Guide France 2022.

For river-cruise dining with a menu that is as sensa­tional as the views.

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Introducing Frédéric Anton

Chef at the Pré Catelan and the Jules Verne (3 stars and 1 star in the MICH­ELIN Guide France 2022), Frédéric Anton has brought all of his creat­ive auda­city and his art of trans­form­ing products aboard the Don Juan II.


The cuisine

The menu prom­ises you subtle sensa­tions for a breath­tak­ing gast­ro­nomic jour­ney that blends struc­ture and delic­ate flavors.


Plunge into the world of Yachts de Paris

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