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Check the meas­ures that we are taking against Covid-19 to protect your health. Find out more.

The measures we take against Covid-19

Today, our prior­ity is to host you under the best condi­tions and to continue to offer you a magical exper­i­ence, in abso­lute safety on-board the Don Juan II. 
Our teams have there­fore worked to imple­ment a Charter of Commit­ment to protect you.

  • Ensuring social distancing between diners

    Our tables are suffi­ciently spaced from each other to respect social distan­cing.

  • Wearing masks as required

    Masks must be worn by our teams and our parti­cipants in all areas. Every­body must have one.

  • Enhanced cleaning of all areas

    We have enhanced the clean­ing of the boat, which is disin­fec­ted regu­larly accord­ing to a specific proced­ure using anti-viral clean­ing products.

  • Cleaning hands at all times

    Water and soap or hydroal­co­holic gel dispensers are avail­able to you in all areas.

  • Our staff are committed to keeping you safe

    All of our teams have been trained to comply with and enforce social distan­cing and safety meas­ures, as well as all the prevent­ive meas­ures that we have specific­ally put in place.

  • Présentation du Pass sanitaire


    All our custom­ers must present a valid EU COVID Certi­fic­ate for EU citizens, or health pass for non EU citizens.