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Unsurpassed table service and presentation at the Don Juan II

Perfection is in the details

Pierre Frey and the Art Deco style

The Don Juan II was refurbished in 2016 under the artistic direction of Pierre Frey. As a lover of beautiful works, and with assiduous attention to detail, he revitalized the geometric harmony of the Don Juan II’s Art Deco style.  He adorned the ornamental woodwork of the lounge in blue and ochre, colors that he also privileges in the decorations and the furniture. He thus evokes the transatlantic spirit of the boat by reproducing the opulent setting of an ocean liner.

Don Juan II’s artisans

Not only was Pierre Frey able to bring the Don Juan II’s true character to life, a collection of artisans sharing the same level of excellence and attention to detail was able to enrich it. To make the Don Juan II the quintessence of Parisian chic, Poltrona Frau, Stéphane Chapelle, Safran and Schott Zwiesel put their magic to work, and were successful in creating the restaurant’s intimate, tasteful, and cozy atmosphere.

An interior with character

Don Juan II successfully transformed its 5,800 sq. ft. interior into spaces that are masterpieces of cordial warmth and prestige. The ornamental woodwork and tasteful furnishings of its three dining rooms come together to briefly transport passengers back to the Art Deco era. It thus accommodates a maximum of forty passengers around its twelve private tables. Finally, its top deck provides passengers with the perfect spot for witnessing the illumination of the Eiffel Tower at precisely 10 pm.

The atmosphere of a transatlantic ocean liner

A dinner cruise on board the Don Juan II promises an escape from present. Over the course of the evening, delight in the discreet service of the waitstaff as they provide a gracious touch throughout the dinner. Guests feel cradled in bubble of luxury, and forget they aren't the only ones aboard this remarkable-looking boat. The Don Juan II thus offers an intimate view of the most beautiful capital city in the world.

The feel of a palace

Before, during and after your dinner cruise, take advantage of our comprehensive service, to which certain amenities can be added upon request.

Quayside welcome
Secure parking
Presentation of the evening, menu and itinerary

Upon request
Transfer in luxury sedan
Bouquet de flowers
Glass of champagne and caviar to enjoy during the illumination of the Eiffel Tower
Birthday/anniversary dessert course

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