The health of our employees and visitors is our main concern. Therefore, following the announcement made by the French authorities, we will be closed until further notice.

The Don Juan II awaits you in the neighborhood of Parisian chic

Port Henri IV is a few steps from the Marais, a symbol of the fashion capital

Welcome and boarding

Starting at 7:45 pm, the crew will be waiting to welcome you aboard. Once on the quay, you ‘ll be accompanied on board the boat and seated. If you are arriving by car, a security guard will guide you to the parking lot and watch your vehicle during your absence. At 8:30 pm, the Don Juan II embarks from Port Henri IV. The evening’s enjoyment will thus be experienced at your table along with the five-course menu. You’ll also be briefed on the key moments of the cruise before being left alone to enjoy the Seine.

From Notre-Dame to the Eiffel Tower

Paris begins to sparkle as soon as the Don Juan II leaves the quay. The amuse-bouche will arrive at your table along with a glass of champagne as an invitation to begin your dining experience. The light character of this first course reflects the hour of the Parisian evening, which is still young. Once past Notre-Dame, you’ll be able to see the City of Fashion and Design through your window. A little later, you’ll be able to admire the Conciergerie, and then the famous Louvre Museum. The starter and your first glass of wine will then be served while the Musée D’Orsay salutes you with its clock, followed by the Grand Palais.

10 pm: tête-à-tête with the Iron Lady

The Don Juan II seems to slow down while you are cordially invited to ascend to the top deck, where your rendezvous awaits. At 10 pm, draped with a blanket to ward off the wind from the river, you’ll be on the top deck facing the left bank. The Eiffel Tower, thrilled by your arrival, will light up and sparkle like a thousand stars, leaving you marked by the unforgettable experience. If your heart urges you, ask for a glass of champagne to make this a true “Parisian way-of-life moment”.

From the Eiffel Tower to Quay Henri IV

Dinner then follows its course along with the Seine. Two treats await you: the main course is served along with a second glass of wine, a perfect pairing designed to tantalize your taste buds. Paris comes alive as the night owls emerge, inviting you to join in the dancing spectacle. As a nod to its transatlantic ancestors, the Don Juan II glides past the Small Statue of Liberty. A few moments later, the dessert arrives, the favorite part of a gourmet dinner for many. Enjoy a coffee along with some sweet delicacies before saying farewell.

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